We Love To Be Generous!

At Christ's Hope, we search for ways we can be more generous. Serving our community often comes at a cost. We choose to see that as an investment into people rather than an expense. God has been teaching us at Christ's Hope that generosity is more than just keeping bills paid, it is how we assist our community to thrive.

General Fund  

The general fund pays for our building and utilities. It compensates our church staff. It provides for local and global missions. It enables us to continue Jesus' mission to seek and save the lost.

If you would like to Designate Funds please speak to one of our Staff.

Ways To Give


You can be generous on any given Sunday here at Christ's Hope. Offerings can be placed in the offering boxes on the back wall of the Big Room.

Our Church App

You can be generous by using Church Center. Click the Give button in the app and follow the prompts.


You can mail your tithe, offering, or gift to our church at 2818 Carroll Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46818


Click the button below to be generous.

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